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Massey Ferguson 30ft Flex Draper (TF0018)

  • MF9250
  • You’ve seen draper headers. But you’ve never seen one like this.
  • The exclusive flexible, full-length cutterbar design provides easy adjustment for all terrain and crop conditions. Adjusts from the operator seat from flex mode to rigid mode to improve efficiency and operator comfort.
  • Integral mounting frame and drives bypass the complexity of separate hydraulic pumps, motors and hoses common on competitive designs.
  • Independently dampened tilt arms span the entire platform to provide a cutterbar that really does flex, with an 8″ range of travel.
  • Dual epicyclical drives deliver smooth positive power, increased cutterbar performance and greater power efficiency over belt or hydraulic drives.
  • Low pressure for more flexible or higher pressure for a more rigid bar provides precise crop cutting without scalping or gouging.
  • The heavy-duty draper belt conveys the crop head first to enhance combine throughput.
  • The draper conveying system provides smooth crop flow to increase efficiency, maximizing combine capacity and daily harvest acreage. You’ll get to start earlier and run later to increase hectares per day throughput. During tough threshing conditions, it still maintains a nice even crop mat to eliminate bunch feeding.
  • The heavy-duty draper belt conveys the crop head first to enhance combine throughput.
  • The mechanical drive system provides up to 400% more sickle drive torque than the conventional V-belt or hydraulic drive.
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Challenger 560 Combine (TF0034)

Challenger 500C Series combines are designed to conquer the most demanding of agricultural environments on earth. Delivering more capacity and more productivity per hectare. Contact us now for more information and a viewing – Riaan 082 411 3952

  • Class 8 – Rotary Combine
  • 343 kW
  • 9.8L – 7 Cylinder – AGCO Power Engine
  • 870L Fuel Tank
  • 12’000L Grain Tank
  • Unloading Rate of 160l/min
  • Productive and Fuel Efficient


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